Friday, March 28, 2008


ED puts it this way:

Nevada-tan, also known as Natsumi Tsuji and Girl A, was a crazy 11-year-old [Japanese girl] who killed one of her classmates with a retractable blade.... She also inspired a wave of "fan" art about her, mostly from otaku losers who just drew her like they draw any other character, except wearing a bloody "NEVADA" sweatshirt and carrying a box-cutter.
It's totally true. Wikipedia backs it up! Nevada-tan was a name given to her by weeaboos considering she was wearing a shirt sporting the state's name... leading to instant internet fame. Without any more links to the whole situation, except for this one, I'll just post the sometimes-fancy crappy fanwork about her starting with the actual photo:

The face of a murderer:

This one was probably drawn by the fat losers [on deviantart] who do like Neo Tokyo:

Someone tends to think she'll be killing still once she gets older" *cough boob job nice boob job*

Insane-looking Nevada-tan:

An act of vampirism as those deviantards are wont to draw:

Stab-Stab Revolution Nevada-tan:

I'm not sure if this is how it actually went... nice package!:

This one is drawn by those gayfaces who draw Neo Tokyo. You can tell cos there's no nose and it just plain sucks:

Finally, kawai~i Nevada-tan, always willing to share:

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